Our Clean-Tech Edge


ELE will meet Canada’s environmental standards while empowering—and employing—local rural communities.

We are well-positioned for Canada’s mandated transition to a clean-energy future. In fact, we’re confident we’ll be leading the charge among Canaπda’s oil-and-gas companies that each have a duty to implement environmentally sound practices over the next decade. Our multi-pronged technology suite will enable us to process a responsibly and locally sourced, high-grade, low-sulfur, sweet and light crude oil—originating from and extracted just 215 km from our refinery where it will be processed into energy-efficient fuels—from diesel to gasoline to jet fuel. Even sweeter? Our technology will provide us the capability of capturing and containing upward of 90 per cent of every carbon emission otherwise deposited into the atmosphere, while our 125-megawatt solar facility will harness the sun’s abundant, renewable energy, supporting the power grid and supplying regional industrial demand.

Net-Zero Ready

Our clean-energy technologies and products are also designed to benefit local communities that will reap the myriad advantages that come with the transition to ‘net-zero 2035’—from well-paying jobs to energized and vibrant economies to membership in an efficient, self-reliant, stable, and responsible supply-chain system that values ‘local and homegrown’ rather than sourcing costlier imports from abroad and offshore.  

Lessening the Load

ELE will resolve the gap in Canada’s light-crude refinery offerings which are predominantly limited to medium- to heavy-crude oil production. Rather, we will process a lower bpd of low-sulphur, sweet, light crude that is easily accessible, easily transportable (from ground to refinery to truck and rail), and easier on the wallets of our Canadian customers.

Driving Innovation

Our unparalleled access to a team of science- and technology-savvy design-and-engineering partners sets us apart. We are committed to learning from the best and the brightest to ensure that we invest in and are positioned to support, continually improve upon, and drive sustainable innovation that boosts economic development and growth.  

Green and Cost-Effective

Our unique boutique refinery optimizes the number of daily barrels of oil produced (only 30,000 bpd) which, in turn, engages a greener, more cost-effective supply chain due to lighter loads and fewer truck odometer ‘clicks.’ The latter is due to our proximity to the Bakken Formation—which significantly lowers transportation costs [generates savings by transporting crude direct-to-site] which, in turn, enables the reduction of emissions that would otherwise be discharged at a higher rate during the ‘longer’ hauling of crude.

Saskatchewan’s greenest refinery because…

our site will organically become a dynamic wellspring of knowledge for improved energy reliability. Our refinery located near the extraction site will process the lightest crude in the region and save time, money, and emissions in the transportation process, while our 125-megawatt solar facility will produce green energy and contribute to the planet’s reduction of costly greenhouse gas emissions.

Canada’s greenest refinery because…

we’re providing both rural and urban customers with a revolutionary, multi-pronged technology suite comprised of a clean-fuel refinery, a solar farm, a rail line, a carbon capture and storage (CCS) solution, and a next-phase carbon capture utility and storage (CCUS) component—the latter which will, ostensibly, increase our capacity for future renewable energy resources while reducing destructive CO2 impacts.