Prioritizing Community First

We prioritize community well-being through our commitment to clean energy solutions. Our initiatives not only reduce environmental impact but also create local jobs, enhance energy security, and support sustainable development. By partnering with communities, we foster economic growth and social equity, ensuring a brighter future for all. Experience the positive impact of clean energy firsthand and join us in building resilient, thriving communities together.

Shaping a bright future in the RM of Pense

We champion clean-energy solutions in southeast Saskatchewan that bolster community resilience and economic vitality. By deploying our renewable products and technologies, we enhance energy access, create local jobs, and support sustainable development. Our commitment to fostering partnerships ensures communities thrive with reliable, environmentally responsible energy solutions. We are excited to help shape a brighter future for the RM of Pense community through our Project’s innovation and sustainability solutions.

Timely Transportation

As we distribute our light clean crude oil through local and provincial communities, ELE prioritizes efficient and sustainable transportation. Positioned along the Trans-Canada Highway, we are expanding connectivity with rail lines for broader delivery options. Our truck base ensures timely distribution to smaller customers across the region, supporting local economies while minimizing environmental impact through our commitment to clean energy solutions.

Fostering a Thriving Rural Workforce

We will be driving economic growth in southeast Saskatchewan through the creation of well-paying jobs in clean energy. By harnessing resources near the Bakken Formation, and only 210 km from our project site, we ensure accessible and affordable renewable energy solutions. Our commitment to Canada’s clean-energy transition to net-zero emissions by 2050 underscores our dedication to sustainable development, empowering local communities and fostering a thriving rural workforce.