Helping Canada Get Its Green On

ELE is launching the first-of-its-kind boutique clean-energy refinery and solar facility in southeast Saskatchewan. We are fired up and ready to create change aligned with Canada’s sustainability goals toward a greener tomorrow. 

On target for 2035

Our industry-leading clean fuels refinery will generate high-quality products, minimize carbon emissions, and amplify local and regional needs. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology and refining process, the plant, complete with its rail line and solar facility, will significantly reduce the negative impact on our environment. Our next-phase advanced carbon capture utility and storage (CCUS) solution will encompass an integrated technology that has proven to recapture upward of 90 per cent of CO2 production.

Embracing Partnership and Diversity

ELE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ochapowace First Nation through the latter’s economic development group, Atoskewin Business Development Corporation (ABDC). Together, we are proudly moving forward in a Limited Partnership that will reflect sustainable business practices, stimulate Saskatchewan’s economy, create well-paying jobs, and bring long-term prosperity to the future generations of Ochapowace members.

Innovative Citizenry

It’s not what lies beneath the earth that keeps us excited everyday—it’s people that ground us.

We’re all about the people with whom we work. And, while we foster innovation with our products, we also innovate through collaboration within the company, and among the rural communities we serve, striving to keep people happy and safe, through forward thinking.

Straight from the Source

Our commitment to processing clean fuels that are retrieved at the source, locally, from within the Rural Municipality of Pence, Local 160, is what also drives us. The upside to local is plentiful, from well-paying jobs to energized economies to membership in an efficient, self-reliant, stable, and responsible supply-chain system that values ‘homegrown’ rather than costlier imports from offshore.  

The Project

It is our aim to be the leader in environmentally friendly oil extraction, refining products that are of the highest quality with very little waste. We are a clean fuels refinery which means that the product you’re getting is, effectively, clean. Really, really clean. Our proximity to the Bakken Formation enables accessibility and affordability of the lightest, sweet, sulphur-free crude oil—the cleanest renewable energy resource ever processed in Canada. Then, with the integration of our solar facility, we will be hosts of the most technologically innovative solutions served among any refinery models. And, when our expansion is fully engineered in Phase 2 that’s where the true magic happens: Our integrated CCUS solution has the proven capability of capturing almost all the CO2 emitted before transforming into a beautiful methanized gas.

The ELE Clean-Tech Advantage

We aim to lead the charge among Canadian energy companies when it comes to fulfilling the mandate to implement environmentally sound practices over the next decade. ELE will resolve the gap in Canada’s light-crude refinery offerings which are predominantly limited to medium- to heavy-crude oil production. Rather, our suite of technology will enable us to process a responsibly and locally sourced, high-grade, low-sulfur, sweet and light crude oil—originating from and extracted just 215 km from our refinery where it will be processed into energy-efficient fuel— easily accessible, easily transportable (from ground to refinery to truck and rail), and easy on the wallets of our Canadian customers. 

Thank you for considering Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan as a location for Eaglesledge Energy’s (Eaglesledge) project for its clean fuels refinery. The Government of Saskatchewan looks forward to a first of a kind refinery operation with the integration of renewable electricity supply and intentions of implementing carbon capture technology.”

- Jodi Banks, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development